IDPC network members are part of the wider IDPC communication network and register their support for our work. There are occasional joint collaborations and the criteria for this type of membership are fairly broad.

Use the map to view IDPC network members by region.


International AIDS Society (IAS)

The IAS is the world’s leading independent association of HIV professionals, with over 13,000 members in 188 countries working at all levels of the global response to HIV/AIDS. IAS members represent scientists, clinicians, public health, policy experts and community practitioners on the frontlines of the epidemic. The IAS is the lead organizer of the International AIDS Conference and the IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention.

International Harm Reduction Development Program (IHRD)

IHRD works to reduce HIV and other harms related to injecting drug use, and to press for policies that reduce stigmatization of illicit drug users and protect their human rights.

Médecins du Monde-France (MDM-F)

MDM is a French medical humanitarian NGO working in France and abroad. MDM-F programmes targeting drug users aim to build local capacities in order to scale up services (harm reduction, overdose management, mental health services, human rights watchdog) and hand them over to local organisations, while advocating for policy change.

Women's Harm Reduction International Network (WHRIN)

WHRIN is a global platform to reduce the harms associated with drug use by women and to develop an enabling environment for the implementation and expansion of harm reduction resources for women.

World AIDS Campaign

Established as a civil society entity in 2004, the World Health Campaign's mission is to ensure that governments and policy-makers meet the targets to which they have committed and that they mobilise the resources required in the response to HIV and AIDS.

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South East Asia / Oceania

Asian Network of People Who Use Drugs (ANPUD)

ANPUD is an issues based membership network that aims to ensure the meaningful involvement of people who use drugs in policies and programmes that affect them.

Asia-Pacific Committee on Drug Issues (APDIC)

The APDIC is auspiced by the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) to advise the ANCD and the Australian Government on appropriate ways to work with our regional neighbours to share the knowledge and understanding of successful strategies on drug demand reduction, particularly via work with the community sector, as well as to learn from each other’s expertise and experiences. 

Australian Drug Foundation (ADF)

ADF focuses on preventing the harms associated with illicit drugs and alcohol in Australia.

Indonesian Addiction Association Counselors (IAAC)

IAAC's mission is to increase the capabilities of practitioners engaged in prevention activities and treatment of drug dependence in Indonesia.

Indonesian Coalition for Drug Policy Reform (ICDPR)

ICDPR is an umbrella organisation aiming to promote policy change in Indonesia, with a particular focus on the country's new narcotics law.

Indonesian Harm Reduction Network (Jangkar)

Jangkar is a Nationwide network of organisations and individuals working on HIV/AIDS prevention among people who use drugs.

Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC)

MAC is committed to creating an environment free from the negative impacts of HIV/AIDS for Malaysia, through strengthening and mobilizing civil society organisations, as well as giving them proper representation.

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South Asia

The Lawyers Collective

The Lawyers Collective is one of the leading public interest service providers in India with a proven record of setting high standards in human rights advocacy, legal aid and litigation. It was created to provide expert legal assistance to the underprivileged, especially women and children, workers in the unorganised sector and other members of marginalised groups.

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South East Europe

Aksion Plus

Aksion Plus is an Albanese organisation that aims to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS through education of youth and by raising awareness among the general population, especially vulnerable groups such as drug users, sex workers and street children.

Andreas G. Papandreou Foundation (APF)

The APF is a benevolent, non-profit institution that aims at enriching public dialogue, encouraging social participation into political processes and contributing to the shaping of a civil society of equal opportunities.

Association Margina

Margina is a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit association which aims to educate, network, exchange information, and work on improving the position of marginalised young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, with a special focus on drug use, HIV and STIs.

Association Prevent

Association Prevent was founded in 2004 in Serbia and aims to educate the population, develop preventive activities about drug use and STIs, and promote the advancement of youth work and volunteerism.

Association Terra Croatia (Udruga Terra)

Association Terra Croatia is a non-profit NGO established in 1999 to provide support to vulnerable and marginalised groups. The Association is currently focusing on reducing the health and social effects of intravenous drug use and educating the community on drug abuse problems.

Healthy Options Project Skopje (HOPS)

HOPS aims to prevent HIV/AIDS and other blood or sexually transmitted infections, re-socialisation, rehabilitation and improvement of the health and social status of drug users, sex workers, their partners and families in Macedonia. HOPS provides harm reduction services and offers harm reduction and drug policy training to professionals, decision makers and NGOs.

Initiative for Health Foundation (IHF)

The IHF is an NGO working for the reduction of the harms to health among drug users and sex workers, and for their acceptance and equality in society. We carry out direct services for these target groups, train professionals and advocacy actions for policy change in Bulgaria.


Juventas is an NGO that promotes harm reduction principles with prisoners in the State Prison of Montenegro. To this day, we are the only NGO that conducts such a project inside prisons in the region.

NGO 4 Life

NGO 4 Life is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation aiming to improve the healthcare system, human rights protection and humanitarian work in Montenegro.

NGO Veza

NGO Veza is the first NGO that started to work with IDUs in Serbia. It aims to reduce the risks of communicable diseases for drug users and the overall population, empower civil society and health institutions regarding harm reduction, to promote an open environment for debate on these issues, and integrate harm reduction into the Serbian public healthcare system.

NGO Viktorija

The organisations main goals are to prevent drug dependence and blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections among vulnerable populations, and provide support and treatment opportunities to dependent alcohol and drug users and their families in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Romanian Harm Reduction Network

RHRN's mission is to promote a harm reduction approach by facilitating communications between partner organisations in order to improve harm reduction service quality at the national level, and to facilitate the implementation of effective policies and programmes targeting drug users and other vulnerable groups.

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Alternative Georgia

Alternative Georgia's main activities are drug dependence research; harm reduction advocacy; development and support for pragmatic and humane drug and HIV legislation; and the protection of the rights of marginalised groups in Georgia.  Alternative Georgia is one of the founders of the Georgian Harm Reduction Network (GHRN).

Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice

The Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice is a Russian NGO, with the mission to promote and develop humane drug policies based on tolerance, protection of health, human rights and dignity.

Health Connections International

Health Connections International is a solution-oriented non-profit organisation, created with the specific aim of strengthening healthcare systems and of improving the responses to the HIV, TB, and drug use epidemics in the former Soviet Union and other regions through an innovative web-based information- and knowledge-sharing platform.

Polish Drug Policy Network (PDPN)

PDPN's mission is to initiate and support actions that aim to change attitudes towards the drug problem, both in Polish law and among the general public.

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Western Europe

Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento (APDES)

APDES is a Portuguese non-profit association promoting sustainable development. It works with vulnerable communities with the objective of improving access to health, employment and education, enabling populations and strengthening social cohesion.


AIDES is a national French community-based NGO working on HIV and hepatitis, primarily with groups most affected, including gay men, people who use drugs, transgender people, migrants/foreigners and women at risk.

AIDS Foundation East West (AFEW)

AFEW is a Dutch public health NGO that works in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to reduce the impact of HIV among vulnerable populations.


AKZEPT is the nationwide umbrella organisation for promoting the acceptance of drug-work and humane drug-policies in Germany.

Association Française de Réduction des Risques (AFR)

AFR is a non-profit national umbrella organisation gathering individuals and NGOs working in the harm reduction field to promote public health and human rights oriented drug policies.

Fédération Addiction

Fédération addiction aims to create a network of professionals to guide alcohol and drug users towards a trans-disciplinary and medico-psycho-social approach to addictions.


The CONNECTIONS project focuses on the potential for partnerships within criminal justice systems of the EU member states to develop joined-up responses to drugs and related-infections, particularly HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

Drug Policy Action Group (DPAG)

DPAG aims to promote an approach to drug policy that challenges ineffective, unfair and counterproductive laws on drugs, and advocates for positive health and social service responses to drug use in Ireland.

DrugText Foundation 

The DrugText Foundation was set up in 1995 to establish an internet-based multilingual library on all aspects of substance use.

Illicit Drug Market Institute (IDM)

IDM is an Italian organisation aiming to create an economic analysis of the possibility to regulate the illegal drug industry. 

Réseau Français de Réduction des Risques

The objective of the network is to inform the general public about harm reduction and advocate for better drug policies in France.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK (SSDP UK)

SSDP UK is a grassroots network of youth and student groups in the UK campaigning for evidence-based, humane and rational drug policies.

Trimbos Institute

The Trimbos Institute - the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction - is an independent nationally and internationally operating centre of expertise that, on scientific grounds, provides services in the field of mental health care, substance use and the care of addicts.

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IDPC currently has no network members in this region.

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Latin America

Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Justicia y Sociedad (DeJuSticia)

DeJuSticia is an investigation centre created in 2003 by a group of university professors to promote social inclusion, democracy, the State of law and human rights in Colombia and Latin America.

Centro de Respuestas Educativas y Comunitarias A.C (CRECE)

The broad goals of CRECE are to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities, through health promotion and the education and empowerment of individuals and groups.


Espolea is a youth-led NGO based in Mexico that works with young people defending human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, gender equality and fighting HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination.


Psicotropicus is a Brazilian non-profit organization founded in 2003. It was created to move drug policy discussion out of the margins and promote drug policy reform and harm reduction.

Puente, Investigacion y Enlace (P.I.E)

P.I.E is a Bolivian NGO created to inform and collaborate with international organisations on human rights, drug dependence and law, in order to influence the adoption of more humane public policies.

Red Americana de Intervención en Situaciones de Sufrimiento Social (RAISSS)

RAISSS is a Latin American network of organisations working together to support marginalised communities including drug users.

Red Chilena de Reduccion de Daños

The Red Chilena is a network of people, supported by various Chilena organisations, who focus on reducing the harms and risks associated with drug use by putting together their expertise in treatment, therapy and communitarian work.

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North America

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network promotes the human rights of people living with and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, in Canada and internationally, through research, legal and policy analysis, education, advocacy, and community mobilisation.

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Sub-Saharan Africa

Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT)

CUT aims to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in Mauritius through the provision of harm reduction strategies for people who use drugs.

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Middle East / North Africa


ATUPRET aims to prevent all types of dependence, minimise the harms related to drug dependence through awareness campaigns, provide treatment and rehabilitation services to dependent users, and strengthen partnerships and social interventions among the public about drug-related harms.

Skoun, Lebanese Addiction Center

Skoun was created in 2001 to provide drug dependence treatment and care, deliver tools to reduce drug-related harms, and advocate for drug policy reform.